Stevens County GOP Endorsed Candidates

Notice to Stevens County Voters

We are proud to announce this year’s Stevens County Republican Central Committee, (SCRCC) endorsed candidates currently running for public offices. Our endorsement means the candidates have participated in a rigorous process including but not limited to; submission of a written letter of introduction, a resume, and two questionnaires, submitted to the SCRCC Vetting Committee before the published deadline. The vetting committee members formed teams of five interviewers, conducted interviews with each candidate and reviewed all submitted materials. Each element of this process was scored, and all candidates scoring 80 points or above were recommended for endorsement to the full voting membership of the SCRCC. The full voting membership of the SCRCC make the final decision regarding endorsement. Previously endorsed candidates running for re-election are reconsidered each election cycle based on the aforementioned information and may include evaluation of their performance or conduct in public office.

The SCRCC vetting process is a completely voluntary process offered to Republicans seeking partisan office and candidates seeking selected nonpartisan public offices. The SCRCC is comprised of conservative value based, politically involved citizens, organized to elect Republicans to public office. Our endorsed candidates have met our minimum standards for endorsement by meeting the legal requirements for the position, presenting their qualifications and experience, and addressing their alignment with our conservative platform though written submissions and completing a robust interview process. The interview portion includes evaluation of the fit of the candidate’s skill set to the office they seek. 

We hope you will consider our endorsed candidates for your vote in the August primary and November general election. We encourage you to be involved in meeting and evaluating each candidate through the upcoming candidate events.

2022 Stevens County Republican Endorsed Candidates

  • County Commissioner District #2 – Mark Burrows
  • County Commissioner District #2 – Carl Taylor
  • County Sherriff – Brad Manke
  • County Clerk – Michelle Enright
  • County Treasurer – Leslie Valz
  • County Auditor – Lori Larsen
  • County Assessor – Rick Johnson
  • County Assessor – Bryce Stearns
  • County Prosecutor – Erika George
  • County Prosecutor – Ken Tyndal
  • County Coroner – Ramona Colvin
  • PUD 1 Commissioner 1 – Britney Inglis
  • WA 7th Legislative District Representative 1 – Jacquelin Maycumber
  • WA 7th Legislative District Representative 2 – Joel Kretz
  • WA 7th Legislative District Senator – Shelly Short

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