2021 – A Year in Review

Nationally syndicated columnist Derek Hunter reflects on 2021: “When I wrote my end of the year column last year I thought there was nowhere to go but up. I was wrong. While 2020 sucked in more ways than I care to remember, 2021 out-sucked it by a mile. The only thing bad about it ending is the…

Good Riddance 2021

Good riddance 2021… but will 2022 be any better? Only if Americans decide they’ve had enough of the left and the fear, control, hatred, and lies they push each and every day. “Leftism is essentially a giant balloon filled with nothing but hot air. Therefore, no matter how big the balloon — the Democratic Party,…

Trans-Humanism – The Dehumanizing of Humanity

“[W]e must first rid ourselves of human beings in their current form—which is to say, ‘dehumanize’ them. It should come as no surprise, then, that so many of our responses to the coronavirus ‘pandemic’—masking, lockdowns, social distancing, preventing people from seeing their loved ones—have had precisely that effect. And what has come out of all…

Liberal Authoritarianism – The Next Step

“[T]he majority of our political, cultural, and economic elite devours incessant toxic propaganda that demonizes Republicans and conservatives in horrifyingly stark terms. America’s opinion leaders are thus being primed, at least potentially, for extreme, extra-constitutional measures designed to keep the insurrectionary, white-supremacist, fascist horde at bay.” Continue reading here.

Evil Begets Evil

Any sane person can see that the world has been turned on it’s head. Any sane person can see that the world has been turned on it’s head. Stevens County resident Rita Phillips provides example after example. Read more here.